We are not all heroes.

Reading this made me realise that i was too caught up with myself for these couple of months that i seem to forget the importance of compassion. Thank you for this amazing article! You “woke” me up!^^

Diane Leow

faith. hope. love.

Amidst luxury brands and high street stores Singapore’s Orchard Road is famous for sits an old lady just outside Mandarin Gallery peddling an assortment of eclectic wares. From packets of tissue paper to a bottle of dark soy sauce, I always wondered why she chose such a spot (without shelter) to sell her stuff. But she was one of those people at the back of my mind. I never cared for more than five minutes, sometimes stopping to pass her some spare cash on hand.

This night was no exception. After meeting some friends for dinner, we were on our way to the MRT station when we passed by her makeshift stall again. On impulse, I reached for some cash and stuffed it in her hands, walking away quickly without really making eye contact.

It was then a friend said, “Maybe you should write about her. I wonder what her…

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